Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is available in many of the same designs as indoor lighting, but is built to withstand rain and wear. Outdoor ceiling lights illuminate spaces under the roof of a patio or porch. Outdoor wall lamps, floor lamps, and landscape lighting provide illumination throughout the yard or along a storefront.

Outdoor luminaire, usually pole-mounted, designed to provide a large-scale and efficient pattern of light at the ground. Also called “street light”, “shoebox”, “cobra-head”, “lantern”, “standard”.

Outdoor luminaire designed to provide a small-scale and efficient pattern of light at the ground.

Adjustable luminaire designed to provide an efficient and specific pattern of light coverage. Also called “sign lighter”, “wall pack”, “apron light”, “sports lighter”.

Landscape Light - Outdoor luminaire, almost always adjustable, designed for small-scale floodlight and accent lighting. Often uses remote low voltage power supply. Path Light - Luminaire designed to light a walkway, ramp, etc., usually very low mounting height, relatively low light output.